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Repair of a Senseo

Broken hinge (2017-09-06, 21:55)

Duplicate File Finder for UNIX

POSIX-compatible script working also on FreeBSD (2017-01-02, 13:05)

Output Impedance of Nexus 5X

Estimation of output impedance of the final audio stage (2016-11-10, 00:53)

Comparison Jack for Senheiser and KRK Headphones

Senheiser HD598, HD558, HD518, HD595 and KRK KNS-8400 (2016-08-29, 22:43)

FIAT Panda: cleaning of seat covers

Cleaning of the seat covers in the laundry machine (2015-08-29, 15:33)

FIAT Panda: Zandvoort, 2015

Track days in Zandvoort (2015-08-29, 15:23)

FIAT Panda: Rock Wool from the Exhaust

Running on three cylinders and destruction of the muffler (2015-08-29, 15:23)

FIAT Panda: USB phone charger

Building of a panel with a USB charger for the phone (2017-07-19, 01:45)

FIAT Panda: Internal Lights LED

Replacement of the light bulb for the internal light with a LED strip (2015-08-29, 15:22)

FIAT Panda: Photos and Customisation

Photos and customisation of my Panda 1993, first series (141A) (2015-08-29, 15:20)

OmniOS: Automatic Snapshots with Znapzend

Automatic generation and deletion of snapshots (2016-11-06, 00:07)

OmniOS: Netatalk with PAM Authentication

Use of the same passwords for AFP and local users (2015-04-20, 09:37)

OmniOS: Installation of HTTPi

Configuring a local lightweight webserver for various purposes (2015-02-01, 19:17)

Measurements of DC-DC Converters

Oscilloscope tests to check shape, ripple, accuracy (2018-01-06, 23:57)

OmniOS: Two-Factor Authentication

Installation of Google Authenticator for more secure logins (2018-11-22, 06:47)