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Estimation of lead contamination in 3D printed parts

Will lead from the nozzle make 3D printed parts non food safe? (2023-08-04, 09:49)

Check of Calibration of Cheap Temperature Humidity Sensors

Comparison of readings from common Chinese sensors with a reliable reference (2023-07-23, 22:52)

Automatic power off of a Raspberry Pi

How to power off the system after shutdown (2022-01-01, 23:41)

Maximum flowrate calibration

How to know the limits of the hotend (2021-02-19, 13:36)

PID tuning extruder

(2021-02-16, 23:49)

PID tuning bed

(2021-02-16, 23:48)

Calibration of a 3D printer

List of the steps and of the requirement of each step (2021-02-18, 10:13)

Index of the 3D Printing section

(2021-02-17, 00:21)

Current consumption of the Kobo Libra H2O

Measurement of the current consumption in different modes (2023-07-23, 21:57)

ESPhome-Controlled Power Strip

Integration of a power strip with Home Assistant using a ESP8266 and ESPhome (2019-11-20, 00:22)

Repair of a Senseo

Broken hinge (2017-09-06, 21:55)

Duplicate File Finder for UNIX

POSIX-compatible script working also on FreeBSD (2017-01-02, 13:05)

Output Impedance of Nexus 5X

Estimation of output impedance of the final audio stage (2016-11-10, 00:53)

Comparison Jack for Senheiser and KRK Headphones

Senheiser HD598, HD558, HD518, HD595 and KRK KNS-8400 (2016-08-29, 22:43)

FIAT Panda: cleaning of seat covers

Cleaning of the seat covers in the laundry machine (2015-08-29, 15:33)