FIAT Panda: cleaning of seat covers

Cleaning of the seat covers in the laundry machine (2015-08-29, 15:33)

FIAT Panda: Zandvoort, 2015

Track days in Zandvoort (2015-08-29, 15:23)

FIAT Panda: Rock Wool from the Exhaust

Running on three cylinders and destruction of the muffler (2015-08-29, 15:23)

FIAT Panda: USB phone charger

Building of a panel with a USB charger for the phone (2017-07-19, 01:45)

FIAT Panda: Internal Lights LED

Replacement of the light bulb for the internal light with a LED strip (2015-08-29, 15:22)

FIAT Panda: Photos and Customisation

Photos and customisation of my Panda 1993, first series (141A) (2015-08-29, 15:20)

Images from my old website

Images gathered in the old forum of Macity and then posted in my old website. None of them is by me. (2009-05-03, 12:22)

A Bad Experience with eBay

Description of what happended when I tried to buy an object from the USA (2013-09-26, 22:48)

Simulation of the Air Flow Inside an Olidata Computer Case

Results of a simple simulation of the air flow inside a computer case, executed with FlexPDE. (2013-09-26, 22:48)

Vehicle Flux in a Road or Highway

Vehicle flux in a road or highway as function of distance between cars and speed limits (2013-09-26, 22:46)

Prodi Superstar

Video of Prodi speaking in "english" at the CNBC (2017-12-19, 23:19)