An AviSynth/VirtualDub filter

The filter I publish in this page belongs to "Leuf". I found it on the web but the original page, with the VirtualDub version, was missing, so I wrote the author a mail and obtained to publish it here, along with the sources.

Complete package, with old versions as well. The VDub version is behind the AviSynth version. Additional package, with instructions (older, they refer to the VDub version, but useful). Note: keep in mind the transparent processing is not implemented anymore, only the interpolation works.

The software can be improved by anyone, thanks to the GPL license. I will host it here as long as possible, so feel free to contact me if you want to upload a newer version or of you want to update this page yourself.

An updated version with a working transparent processing algorithm would be really useful, since new logos are very often transparent.

Olaf Marzocchi

First revision: 26th January 2007.

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