Current consumption of the Kobo Libra H2O

Measurement of the current consumption in different modes (2020-08-08, 23:19)

ESPhome-Controlled Power Strip

Integration of a power strip with Home Assistant using a ESP8266 and ESPhome (2019-11-20, 00:22)

Repair of a Senseo

Broken hinge (2017-09-06, 21:55)

Output Impedance of Nexus 5X

Estimation of output impedance of the final audio stage (2016-11-10, 00:53)

Comparison Jack for Senheiser and KRK Headphones

Senheiser HD598, HD558, HD518, HD595 and KRK KNS-8400 (2016-08-29, 22:43)

Measurements of DC-DC Converters

Oscilloscope tests to check shape, ripple, accuracy (2018-01-06, 23:57)

A modified bin lock for VR100

Design of a better lock for the Vorwerk robot (2015-01-19, 23:51)

Homemade Brass Keychain

Description of the making of a brass keychain with the etching method. On the keychain there is the name of the owner and a QR code (2014-07-27, 21:04)

Oscilloscope with an audio card

Description of a circuit able to feed signals into an audio card and to use it as oscilloscope (2014-02-16, 00:23)

Opening and Repairing a Palm Vx

Steps to open and repair a Palm Vx whith a dead backlight IC. (2013-09-26, 22:41)

Cleaning of the keyboard of an iBook

Pictures of the disassembly and reassembly of the keyboard of an iBook (2013-09-26, 22:41)

Hard Disk Noise Reduction

Description of a way to reduce with some rubber the noise generated by hard disks. (2013-09-26, 22:40)

Application of a Heatsink on a Hard Disk

Cooling an IBM 60GXP with an heatsink (2013-09-26, 22:40)

The Etching of a Printed Circuit Board

Steps followed to etch at home with chloric acid and oxygen peroxide circuit board for electronic circuits (2013-11-10, 16:53)

Mouse and Joypad in Video Games

Comparison of the two input methods and hypotheses about why the first seems far better then the other (2013-09-26, 22:39)